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Top 5 Best voice recording microphone 2020

Best Voice Recording Microphone: There are many reasons why you want your voice to be heard but whatever they may be,

You need a good vocal recording microphone to ensure that the higher and clearer you are, the clearer you are.

You can decide whether you want to join a band or start a music career singing or rapping.

Or you can decide whether you want to speak in public, stand up to comedy, podcasting, or even poetry slams.

Your voice, however you choose to use it, is a powerful tool.

And like any device, you need the right microphone to ensure that your voice is heard with power and authority, as well as sharpness and clarity.

From these 10 options, you'll be sure to find the best voice Recording mic for you.

1. Warm Audio WA-47 Large Microphone :

I tried it on vocal and acoustic guitar so far, and it sounds wonderful.

2. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone.

Perfect for Studio, Podcasting & Streaming, XLR Output, Includes Custom Shock Mount, Black Colour.

It is designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance.

3. Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Microphone.

Still on board with the best-in-class Risote Liar Suspension System,

The VideoMic Pro + improves upon the existing VideoMic Pro capsule/line tube and windshield,

As well as boasting a host of new features.

4. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS Instrument Condenser Microphone.

If you are looking for a professional high-quality MIC to add to your collection or are looking for your first professional MIC, this is it.

Many people are asking questions as to what the MIC buys, what I get, etc.-etc... I use this MIC with a Pro MPA II pre-amp made by ART. It looks very good. Its clean, neat, and crisp.

5. Neumann TLM 103 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone.

This is an amazing microphone. voiceover actors need this mic! It can be used for tracking kick drum, guitar, vocals - super versatile, and an industry standard.

I hope you like at least one of these microphones. And think about buying one at a time. Thank you.

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